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Case Sabesp


Case Sabesp
  • Problem:

    Absence of traceability of hydrometers (asset management).

  • Solution:

    Use of specific UHF RFID tags that support harsh environments, streamlining the verification process of items.

  • Advantage:

    Reduction of mistakes, mistakes and agility in the logistics process.

  • Benefits:

    Greater security and agility in the conference, control of entries and exits of assets, separation and recycling of raw materials.

  • Target Audience: Government, Public Services

One of the solutions implemented by ACURA allows to identify hydrometers, manage stocks and recycle materials.

Sabesp is responsible for the supply of water, collection and treatment of sewage from 364 municipalities in the State of São Paulo. There are 28.2 million people supplied with water and 22.1 million people with sewage collection. Therefore, it is considered one of the largest sanitation companies in the world in population served. In partnership with private companies, it also operates in the municipalities: Mogi-Mirim, Castilho, Andradina and Mairinque, in addition to partnerships with the state sanitation concessionaires of the States of Alagoas and Espírito Santo. Sabesp also provides consulting services in Panama and Honduras. In addition to basic sanitation services, Sabesp is authorized to operate in the drainage, urban cleaning, solid waste and energy management markets. Sabesp's mission is to provide sanitation services, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life and the environment. Visa, in 2018, to be recognized as a company that has universalized sanitation services in its area of ​​operation, in a sustainable and competitive way, with excellence in customer service.


  • Client:

    Sabesp is responsible for water supply, sewage collection and treatment of 364 municipalities in the State of São Paulo, is considered one of the largest sanitation companies in the world in the population served.

  • Proposed Challenge:

    Problems in the logistic process, such as control and lowering by lot of hydrometer (processing of orders to receive, loading and recovery of meters), difficulty in planning involving deadlines and request for inspection by the manufacturer, failures in exchange policy due to lack of control and in the guarantee policy. Besides the impact on the management of the meters, there was accumulation of physical documentation and passive losses.

  • Equipment:

    UHF M6 reader, Compact Monostatic Antenna, UHF 300U Data Collector.

  • Solution:

    Creation of an Integrated Meter Management (GIM) system. Application of tags in the hydrometers and RFID readers to identify the hydrometers inside the boxes. Use handheld scanners to streamline the process of inventory checking and checking items inside boxes.

  • Operation:

    The Tag is applied to the hydrometer and when it arrives at the Sabesp unit, the check is done with the 300U Data Collector, which identifies the items inside the boxes, thus speeding up the process of receiving incoming material. Once the conference is done, it is possible to process orders for receiving, loading and retrieving meters that can be selected by several factors, such as: manufacturer, capacity, type of raw material, flow rate, etc.

  • Differentials / Practical Improvements:

    The use of the Integrated Meter Management (GIM) system avoids human errors, such as control and low batch, as well as loss and guarantee (controls and manual actions), and streamline the logistics process.

  • Gains / Benefits:

    Reduction of errors of control, receipt, logistics and guarantee, greater security and speed in the conference and low, assertiveness in the inspections and service rendering. The environment will also benefit, as the scrap will be separated more assertively, allowing it to be reused.


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