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Accuracy, Personalization and Convenience: Get to know the beacons, these little bluetooth location devices that can do great things for your operations. The beacons therefore use a universal transmitter that, when they contact a compatible application or operating system, send data to be able to determine, for example, the physical location of the device, track customers, or trigger location-based actions as a notification.

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What exactly are the beacons?

The immediate translation is "lighthouse". And in fact, the beacons operate as one. After all, according to this article, a beacon is a tiny device that emits signals through low energy bluetooth technology, also known as bluetooth 4.0. Signals can be picked up by smartphone and tablet apps. In this way, they can be interpreted as triggers for a certain action in the app.

That is, the Beacon is a kind of Indoor GPS that can locate, with incredible accuracy, by which gondola a customer walks inside a department store, for example.

How do beacons work?

The beacons work in tandem with customers' smartphones, which must be Bluetooth enabled - and must also have a store application installed. It's the beacon that talks to the client, through push notifications.

What is the difference of this low energy bluetooth?

Regarding common bluetooth, BLE has two major differentials: the first is that it generates radio waves, which makes its penetration into physical media (walls) more powerful. And the second differential is that, as its name implies, the low energy bluetooth consumes much less energy - just a fraction of the battery of the devices.

Where are they applied?

This technology has the potential to be used in numerous applications working in conjunction with customers' smartphones:

  • Offices
  • Museums
  • Conferences
  • Stadiums
  • Exhibitions
  • Stores
  • Trade Shows
  • Flights
  • Parking
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