Point to Point - Artesp

Tolls and Traffic

Point to Point - Artesp
  • Problem:

    Identify vehicles in the passage of toll plazas and gantry approved by Artesp.

  • Solution:

    Use of UHF tags to be identified when vehicles pass through the readers installed in toll plazas and porches.

  • Advantage:

    With this automated system, the need to stop the vehicle, excluding rows, is avoided.

  • Benefits:

    Convenience. It prevents the vehicle from being stopped, increasing safety

  • Target Audience: Toll & Traffic

Artesp establishes project for toll collection.

ACURA reader is approved by Artesp to identify vehicles in the passage of toll plazas.

ACURA reader is approved by Artesp to identify vehicles in the passage of toll plazas. The Point-to-Point System is a project of the Government of the State of São Paulo, under the responsibility of ARTESP (State Transport Regulatory Agency), for the electronic toll collection, for a period covered, in force since 2012. The vehicle must have an RFID tag (Car Identification Transponder) on the 915 Mhz frequency of one of the authorized collection operators on its windshield and is identified by passing through the porticos installed on the highways, equipped with RFID readers and ARTEFATO protocol.


  • Client:

    The IAV DENATRAN G0 (SINIAV) protocol is also required through the partnership between the State Government and the Federal Government for road interoperability. There are 6,400 kilometers of highways granted in São Paulo, with 395 stations, of which 280 with 12,837 parking spaces for truck drivers, six rest yards administered by the concessionaires, with emergency assistance (drilling, autoelectric and oil change ditch). The supply systems of some stations, parking lots and other services are already integrated with the toll system. Companies benefit by automatically managing their fleet, controlling expenses, avoiding diversions and tampering with information, generating comfort and security.

  • Proposed Challenge:

    Identify vehicles in the passage of toll plazas, without the need to stop the vehicles.

  • Equipment:

    Leitor de RFID UHF ACURA EDGE60-R –M.

  • Solution:

    The ACURA EDGE60-R-M UHF RFID Reader brings the performance and reliability required for use in toll plazas under the most adverse operating conditions. Its ruggedness comes from an all-in-one industrial encapsulation where everything is integrated into the same enclosure.

  • Operation:

    Designed and manufactured in Brazil, it is certified by Anatel and for Protocol ARTESP SJ5511 (Artifact Protocol). Having passed all ARTESP certification tests for the Automatic Toll Collection System, it is also fully capable of operating Free-Flow, automatic vehicle scanning systems at high speed.

  • Differentials / Practical Improvements:

    The player performed exceptionally well in this condition when he read Tags installed on vehicles over 240KM / h in the authorized track certification tests. It is the most modern reader on the market for use in UHF toll systems, compatible with all Vehicle Tags, whether passive (label) or semi-active (with battery).

  • Gains / Benefits:

    Convenience. It prevents the vehicle from being stopped, increasing safety. The system improves motorway operating conditions, avoids congestion, reduces fuel consumption and emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, saves time and money, and increases traffic efficiency and road safety.


  • Location

  • Avenida Antártico, 381, 14th floor
  • São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo - SP