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Brazil ID, National System of Identification, Tracking and Authentication of Commodities, coordinated by the Advanced Research Center Wernher von Braun in conjunction with the ENCAT (National Meeting of Coordinators and Tax Administrators), is an initiative of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Federal Revenue Service and the States of the Union through their Finance Secretariats. The project provides for greater efficiency in tax inspection in the field of road freight transport, through the use of RFID. Vehicle identification RFID tags (the same ones used in electronic tolls installed by ARTESP or ANTT) are linked to the license plate and to the MDF-e (Electronic Fiscal Document Manifesto), in line with the Fiscal IoT (Concept launched by ENCAT) that treats of the integration of the Internet of Things with the Electronic Fiscal Documents, made from an "integrating system" called the National Operator of the States (ONE), which is based on the Virtual Office of Rio Grande do Sul. Another initiative, , which allows significant gains in the efficiency of the Project is the Green Channel Brazil ID that establishes a set of actions with the cooperation between ENCAT and ANTT that does not authorize the MDF-e for vehicles of load without its RNTRC (National Registry of Road Transport be updated and enabled at ANTT. It establishes the mandatory re-registration, with deadline for May 31, 2017, which includes the fixation of the Vehicle Identification RFID tag and the link with the license plate.


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