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The SINIAV (Automatic Vehicle Identification System) is an initiative of the Federal Government coordinated by DENATRAN (National Traffic Department). Its main goal is to improve vehicle traffic in major Brazilian cities. For this, there are the processes of control, control of the Brazilian fleet, electronic toll collection, traffic flow, mobility and security, especially in large cities, through the electronic identification of vehicles by RFID in the frequency 915Mhz. Traffic has been one of the main problems in the metropolis of Brazil. Traffic jams or jams are still the most talked about, but we must not forget the problems that exist in the entire transportation system, represented here with cargo thefts and private vehicles, toll queues and lack of traffic safety.

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This system foresees the insertion of electronic chips in the vehicles so that they are identified and tracked, electronically, by antennas strategically placed in the cities. Such antennas will send information to the processing plants that will check the status of the vehicle being analyzed, such as vehicle cloning, fines, licensing and IPVA. With the operation of the project in a positive way, soon we will have more peace of mind when traveling through the streets and avenues of the big cities. In addition to reducing congestion, it will be possible to better manage vehicle traffic and prepare roads to support growing volumes in the flow of vehicles, both within cities and on the roads.

DENATRAN G0 (ARTEFATO also required) IAV RFID readers, installed in toll plazas, urban porticoes, street posts and columns, will collect board, chassis, model and manufacturing information for the processing locate and track vehicles with special treatment, stolen, cloned, irregular or unmanageable, manage congestion, control the emission of pollutants, monitor, among numerous other possibilities to improve the quality of life. SINIAV provides for integration with the Point-to-Point System of the State of São Paulo and with the Brazil ID project and provides for the use of the technology by private companies in agreement with Denatran. This integration preserves investment through infrastructure sharing.

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