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EDGE-50 AutoID v2

cod. 100.247
EDGE-50 AutoID v2

The UHF RFID reader EDGE-50 AutoID has small dimensions and great performance, working under Anatel specifications. Perfect for vehicles access control as it works with the most common communication protocols, it also can be communicated via Ethernet TCP/IP, allowing RFID management software to handle the access. The EDGE-50 supports up to two mono-static antennas and requires no software.

Resources / Applications

  • Reduced dimensions;
  • Supports up to two monaural antennas with 6, 9 or 12.5 dBi gain;
  • Great read performance with adjustable power of up to 1W, independently for each antenna;
  • 26/34-bit Wiegand Interfaces, ABA Track 10/14 digits, RS-232 Serial and TCP / IP (configurable from the html page);
  • Independent reading communication interface for reading each antenna;
  • TCP/IP read result, compatible with RQL responses from other AutoID System readers.

Features / Benefits

  • General settings from an html page, no need to install any software;
  • ID sent by the Wiegand or ABA Track or RS-232 interface and simultaneously by the TCP / IP interface;
  • Tag ID can be received via TCP/IP socket by an access control management software;
  • Two configurable read modes (Continuous and Trigger), no need commands;
  • Digital inputs (dry contact and wet contact) used for Trigger mode, for triggering the readout with configurable time or triggering the relays;
  • It has two relay outputs with three types of drive: Tag reading, Digital input or Command via TCP/IP;
  • LED visual feedback for reader status, relays, inputs and antenna connections;
  • Automatic or manual detection of antennas;
  • It has "plug" type connectors, facilitating installations and electrical connections;
  • Compact and DIN rail compatible, for an easy installation.


    Supported Protocols EPC Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C); ISO 18000-6B Maximum Reading Distance Varies according to antennas and tags used Backscatter Link Frequency 250 kHz Connection Jack connector with thread and center pin 2.5 mm. Data Communication Communication interfaces: Wiegand 26/34 bits, ABA Track 10/14 digits, RS-232 serial and TCP/IP (configurable from the html page) Connector RJ45 (TCP/IP); post (Serial RS232, Wiegand e ABA Track) Certifications Anatel Anatel 2066-14-8437 RF Power Separately configurable read power for each antenna from 5 to 30dBm RF Mode Frequency Hopping RF Modulation PR-ASK

    Power Input Voltage: 24VDC ± 10%; Max. Ripple Supply: 200mVpp Consumption Maximum 15W; with maximum power of 30dBm and high duty cycle

    Dimensions 125 x 125 x 52 mm Weight 450g ± 10g Operating Temperature -10°C to + 65°C Storage Temperature -10°C to + 70°C relative humidity of the wall 95%, non-condensing Water Tightness IP40 (for internal use only) Antenna Connector 50Ω TNC connector Fixation Through four 4,5mm holes in the side flaps


    Software Device Explorer

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