produtos-acura A ACURA é pioneira no mercado de RFID no Brasil e América Latina.


AcuProx Keyfob Black, Red, Yellow

cod. 500.014, 501.182, 500.017, 500.018
AcuProx Keyfob Black, Red, Yellow

With its modern, compact look, the AcuProx Keyfob is ideal for personal identification applications and applications in the access control area where no photo identification is used. Extremely practical and rugged RFID keypads, suitable for applications using AcuProx 125 kHz readers.

Resources / Applications

The AcuProx Keyfob Proximity Keychain is a passive read-only RFID tag of the AcuProx Line with a hole to be used as a key ring, has a unique pre-recorded 64-bit code. Made of ABS the AcuProx Keyfob is rugged and can be used in access control and security applications, loyalty programs, point marking, etc. Available in Black, Red and Yellow.

Features / Benefits

Very sturdy and with a modern look;
Ideal for use as a keychain;
Compatible with all AcuProx line readers.


    Maximum Reading Distance Up to 6 cm with AP-15 reader Up to 22 cm with AP-30 reader Up to 48 cm with AP-60 reader Chip RFID Unique EM4002 or compatible - RO. RF Modulation ASK. Type Locksmith. Memory Configuration 64 bits, with 40 bits being the ID. Lifetime 10 years of data retention; 100,000 recording cycles.

    Dimensions 36,7 x 30 x 6,5 mm. Weight 5 g. Operating Temperature -25°C to +75°C. Storage Temperature -25°C to +75°C. Hole Yes Water Tightness IP67.

logo A ACURA é pioneira no mercado de RFID no Brasil e América Latina.

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