produtos-acura A ACURA é pioneira no mercado de RFID no Brasil e América Latina.


Web Lite

cod. 500.723, 100.417
Web Lite

AcuTag UHF Web Lite is designed to deliver great performance, being discreet even when applied to individual items. It is the ideal tag for item authentication in the supply chain and product packaging.

Resources / Applications

Web Lite meets the growing demand of the retail industry for more discreet tags. Its performance-focused project has received the approval of several retailers for applications in a range of categories. Web Lite therefore offers great performance in a compact format and in various delivery formats.

Features / Benefits

Compact and high performance;
Specially designed for retail;
ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004;
TID Serialized.


    Supported Protocols EPC Class 1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6C Chip RFID Monza 5 Type Passive Memory Configuration 128 bits EPC TID serialized Lifetime 50 years of data retention; 100,000 recording cycles.

    Dimensions 34 x 54 mm Operating Temperature -40º to +85º C. Applicable Surfaces Non Metallic Physical Inlay Resistance Up to 10 MPa Fixation Self-adhesive

logo A ACURA é pioneira no mercado de RFID no Brasil e América Latina.

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