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Case Arcelor Mittal

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Case Arcelor Mittal
  • Problem:

    The traffic of accessible trucks, common to other vehicles, was in great danger of collision, because, due to the heavy weight of the trucks, it was difficult and dangerous to brake and to leave the inertia before entering the main road.

  • Solution:

    Use of RFID Wave tags on trucks and readers on the roads where there is traffic from other vehicles. When the truck is identified by the Wave reader, we inform the traffic light system which prioritizes traffic, avoiding collisions.

  • Advantage:

    Reduction of the risk of collisions of trucks with other vehicles, traveling in common way. Less brake wear and, consequently, lower fuel consumption and greater agility in the logistics process.

  • Benefits:

    Material and human losses are avoided.

  • Target Audience: Logistics and Traffic

Arcelor Mittal Shark - Traffic control system: much more security.


  • Client:

    Acerlor Mittal Tubarão is one of the largest companies in Brazil and accounts for 8% of the global volume of steel plate sales. It has one of the highest rates of reutilization of waste generated in the production process and since 2006, when it inaugurated the Maritime Barge Terminal, it carries steel coils through the sea. Each oceanic barge trip, with a capacity of 9,500 tons, represents 300 less trucks circulating in the country's road network.

  • Proposed Challenge:

    The trucks do not have high visibility of smaller vehicles that are very close, causing possible accidents of collisions and until crushing. This risk increases when they have to travel on roads where there are other smaller vehicles.

  • Equipment:

    Reader L-A210, L-TGP-A tags and DS1005 modules.

  • Solution:

    Use of Tag Wave for the trucks to be identified when they pass through the installed readers near intersections or access to roads with traffic of other vehicles. Integration of the RFID system with the traffic light controller through a Tibbo module.

  • Operation:

    The tag is applied to the truck windshield. When there is no truck nearby, all traffic lights will flash yellow, meaning that ordinary vehicles are obliged to stop and check if they can pass. When a tagged truck approaches the intersection, the tag signal is sent to the L-A210 reader, which in turn transmits this tag ID via RS-485/232 to the Tibbo DS1005 controller. The same handles this ID, verifying if it really is going and not coming back (there are three readers that make this logic). Then the DS1005 triggers a relay that lights the green light for the truck to go straight through without stopping, and red for the average cars to stop. Reader # 2 confirms the passage of the truck and sends the ID to the DS1005 which causes the traffic lights to flash yellow again.

  • Differentials / Practical Improvements:

    With this automated system, the presence of personnel to guide and prioritize the traffic of the trucks is avoided.

  • Gains / Benefits:

    Material and human losses are avoided, increasing safety.


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