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CASE Barra Tower

Access Control

CASE Barra Tower
  • Problem:

    Installation of a control platform, for functional access to the condominium.

  • Solution:

    Biometric terminal with RFID reader integrated into the ratchet.

  • Advantage:

    Solution well accepted by the residents, agility of processing.

  • Benefits:

    Innovative design, simple installation, collection of fingerprints in the ratchet itself.

  • Target Audience: Residential security and access control.

Biometric system with RFID used in access control of large condominium.

Sigschindler deployed a biometric system with VIRDI and ACURA equipment in the Barra Tower building

Sigschindler is a technology company focused on electronic security. It only uses first-line equipment and excels in customer service, establishing a partnership relationship with its customers. He works in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. A partner of ACURA, he used biometric equipment from VIRDI to install a system that was very well accepted in the environment.


  • Client:

    The Barra Tower building, located in Rio de Janeiro, uses a technological solution whose implementation has become a trend in several areas of control and traceability: access by biometrics and RFID. Through the use of biometric terminals installed in the reception turnstiles, access has become more comfortable and at the same time safer. The key in this type of solution is speed. In times of high flow, access has to be fast.

  • Proposed Challenge:

    Installation of a safe and functional access control platform in commercial condominiums.

  • Equipment:

    The terminals used were the AC-2100 type, manufactured by the company VIRDI, and distributed in Brazil by ACURA and ACURA RFID Access Cards.

  • Solution:

    Use of integrated biometric terminals to the turnstiles for access of the condominiums and building employees, in a fast, comfortable and even safer way than just RFID cards.

  • Operation:

    People access system integrated into the condominium ratchets.

  • Differentials / Practical Improvements:

    This technology, introduced into the body of the ratchet, presented an exceptional result to anyone who interacted with it. In short, this solution is well suited to the environment in which it was installed, showing that biometrics can be a practical means of access control, without the need for large investments.

  • Gains / Benefits:

    Innovative design, simple installation, fingerprint check at the ratchet itself.


logo A ACURA é pioneira no mercado de RFID no Brasil e América Latina.

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