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Sectors that deal with people's health and well-being are highly sensitive and demand absolute control in their processes, otherwise it will cause great constraints on the companies that deal with this market. Healthcare solutions with the application of RFID technology provide efficient and intelligent patient care while reducing costs.

When the primary need is to save a patient's life, using mobile solutions that ensure the full operation and visibility of equipment, medications, and beds provides health care professionals to make the right decisions and act with confidence. Within this context, RFID has played a very important role in various applications in this sector, ranging from the identification of controlled drugs from pharmaceutical laboratories to helping to track assets, patients and professionals in hospitals. It is a market with highly repressed potential in the use of RFID.



  • AcuTag UHF ISO

    AcuTag UHF ISO

    cod. 500.438
  • Shortdipole


    cod. 500.495, 100.292
  • TSL-1128


    cod. 500.945: Leitor UHF TSL-1128 | 500.924: Leitor UHF TSL-1000 2D | 501.197: Leitor UHF TSL-1000 2D (sem fonte)
logo A ACURA é pioneira no mercado de RFID no Brasil e América Latina.

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