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CASE Electronic Ballot Management TRE -BA / PA


CASE Electronic Ballot Management TRE -BA / PA
  • Problem:

    Improvements in traceability and management of electronic ballots (asset management).

  • Solution:

    Use of RFID technology, streamlining the process of checking the items in the process.

  • Advantage:

    Reduce errors and increase agility in the process by 50%.

  • Benefits:

    Greater security and agility in the conference, control of entries and exits of the polls.

  • Target Audience: Government, Public Services.

Electronic Ballot Management Solution with RFID

Development of the integrated solution with ACURA partners.

RFID technology was deployed in TRE-BA and TRE-PA to streamline the identification, location, record of goods movement, as well as assist in the maintenance and control procedures of electronic ballot boxes.

With the solution it was possible to increase productivity and improve the level of management of the areas involved, ensuring the availability of the UHF RFID devices of this technology and allowing the modernization of the processes related to the control of IT assets and the management of the maintenance of the polls electronics in its area of ​​operation, in a sustainable and competitive way, with excellence in customer service.


  • Client:

    Regional Electoral Tribunal of Bahia and Pará - TER - BA and TER - PA.

  • Proposed Challenge:

    Problems in the logistic process, such as the control and disposal of electronic ballot boxes (processing of incoming and loading orders), difficulty in planning, involving several logistic processes.

  • Equipment:

    UHF M6 reader, Compact Monostatic Antenna, UHF 300U Data Collector.

  • Solution:

    Creation of an Integrated Management System and Web Portal and use of the RFID equipment of ACURA.

  • Operation:

    The Inventory Module in the collector allows item operation by location, item transfer, find item ECP function, locate only the specified EPC (Tag Mask) and mark item as Black List for output lock with siren trigger and indicative lights .

    The Web Portal solution:

    - Improve the level of management of processes related to the control of electronic ballot boxes;

    - Provide strategic information to the administration and logistics areas of the organization, allowing data that details the procedures for IT asset management and maintenance and control of electronic ballot boxes to be accessed in real time;

    - Providing management information to the areas responsible for controlling and maintaining electronic ballot boxes and managing other IT assets without the need to consult data from separate systems or by drawing up spreadsheets or equivalent;

    - Increase the efficiency in the execution of the activities of the areas responsible for the control and maintenance of electronic ballot boxes and the management of other IT assets;

    - To implement the control and maintenance of electronic ballots and management of other IT assets, with technologically updated control mechanisms, necessary and sufficient to enable and regularize the demands and processes of other areas.

  • Differentials / Practical Improvements:

    The use of the Integrated Management system avoids human errors such as the control and low, and streamline the logistics process.

  • Gains / Benefits:

    Reduced errors of control, receipt, logistics, greater security and speed in the conference and low, assertiveness in the inspections and service rendering.


  • Location

  • Avenida Antártico, 381, 14th floor
  • São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo - SP