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CASE Edf. Empresarial Santo Agostinho

Access Control

CASE Edf. Empresarial Santo Agostinho
  • Problem:

    Agility of access with a modern solution and of easy installation and use of electronic equipment that better the security of the environment.

  • Solution:

    Installation of access control equipment by RFID and Facial Biometry to Efd. Business St. Augustine. Biometric terminal with AC-5000 RFID reader and Facial Biometry with AC-7000. ACURA CarID Access Control Solution with Secure RFID from ACURA with EDGE30R Reader.

  • Advantage:

    Innovative design, state-of-the-art solution and simple installation.

  • Benefits:

    Solution that provides agility and security of access for all the companies present in the project.

  • Target Audience: Enterprise Security and access control.

Biometric Access Control and AutoID RFID System in Edf. Business St. Augustine.

Timelock implemented the biometric access control system with VIRDI equipment and ACID AutoID RFID solution in the MIP building project in Belo Horizonte

Timelock is a technology company focused on electronic security. It only uses first-line equipment and excels in customer service, establishing a partnership relationship with its customers. It operates in the market of Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. A partner of ACURA, he used biometric equipment from VIRDI to install a system that was very well accepted in the environment, as well as the AutoID access control solution from ACURA.


  • Client:

    The Santo Agostinho Business Building, located in Belo Horizonte - MG, uses a technological solution whose implementation has become a trend in several areas of control and traceability: access by biometrics and RFID. Through the use of biometric terminals installed in the accesses and reception, the access became more comfortable and at the same time more secure, with the differential of facial identification. The key in this type of solution is speed. In times of high flow, access has to be fast.

  • Proposed Challenge:

    Installation of a secure and functional access control platform for the companies present in the project.

  • Equipment:

    The terminals used were AC-5000 and AC-7000, manufactured by VIRDI, and distributed in Brazil by ACURA and ACURA RFID Access Cards.

  • Solution:

    Using the AutoID system RFID vehicular access control insurance with the EDGE30R reader

  • Operation:

    People and vehicles access system integrated in Edf. Business Saint Augustine.

  • Differentials / Practical Improvements:

    This technology delivered an exceptional result to anyone who interacted with it. In short, this solution is well suited to the environment in which it was installed, showing that biometrics and RFID can be a practical means of controlling access, without the need for large investments.

  • Gains / Benefits:

    Innovative design, state-of-the-art solution and simple installation.


"Time Lock is a company of professionals with more than 15 years of experience. Focused on the market of Electronic Identification, access control, ratchets, gates, electronic and biometric locks, for residential, commercial, industrial, hospital and hotel use. which makes us referential today in our follow-up "

We offer our customers the most advanced, modern and secure, because Time Lock has the team and technology to seek the best solutions for its customers. Yuri Oliveira - Director of Timelock


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